Is Bounce Exchange Effective In Retaining Site Visitors?

Bounce Exchange is a company based in the United States, which develops automation tools used by digital marketers. The company headquarters are in New York Cty and has many clients, including several publishing firms. These include Hearst Corporation, Rodale, Inc., Gannett Company, and Reader’s Digest Association. Bounce Exchange was co-founded by Andreas Spartalis, Namik Abdulzade, Ryan Urban and Cole Sharp. Ryan Urban serves and the CEO of the company. The company’s software Exit Intent, an automated customer acquisition program.

This program monitors when and how potential customers leave a website. Similar to it’s many competitors, Bounce Exchange provides an overlay window designed to encourage visitors to remain on the site. The software detects when a visitor is about to move their mouse toward the browser’s back button. This triggers the capture exit overlay to appear on the screen. Overlays are available in multiple sizes, or the site owners can create a conversion bar which will appear on the site at either the sides, the bottom or the top of the page. The ultimate goal of this software is to encourage visitors to stay on a site for a longer length of time.

Bounce Exchange created a software that works on exit intent to provide another opportunity for a visitor to remain on a website. If the software detects the visitor’s mouse is moving toward the address bar, it will throw up an overlay that provides the visitor with another option to stay. Exit Intent, patented by this company observes mouse speed, mouse gestures, the mouse location, and when it breaks the place of the browser. This information tells the software if you intend to leave the website.

As a visitor moves their mouse toward the browser’s back button, a pane or overlay appears which is designed to retain and attract the visitor. This method is quite successful in helping keep visitors on a website longer than they intended.

The amount of time and how often a visitor visits and stays on a site is called the bounce rate. Bounce Exchange’s software provides the site’s owners information on who visits, where they come from, and how long they stay. It also helps retain visitors by creating an overlay that pops up on the site’s screen when a visitor is about to exit the site.

The industry seems to approve of this software, making it one of the most successful tools for boosting a site’s subscriber base. Some visitors may be frustrated or turned off by these pop-ups, but many take the time to try out the options offered. Most overlay tools provide the site owners a chance to configure the specific scenarios which trigger the overlay. These are usually a percent of page scrolled or visitor time on page. Bounce Exchange allows site owners to target visitors as they are about to leave the site. The overlays typically provide another opportunity to sign up for an email subscriber’s list.

Bounce Exchange helps websites track their visitor bounce rates. Their software also provides one last chance for a visitor to sign up for a site’s email list before they exit the site.